We at Curtain Flair specialise in creating the perfect curtains for your home.
There are many choices in the styles available, from simple lined and tape heading to luxurious interlined with customised heading, ie, triple pleat, double pleat, cartridge, goblet or wave. Another very popular heading is eyelet which is available in either 40mm or 66mm depending on pole size, eyelets come in a variety of colours, so can be matched to your pole.

When you then consider borders, fringe, braid and button trims designing your curtains can seem rather daunting, this is where Curtain Flair comes to your aid. Over the years we have made many hundreds of pairs of curtains for all shapes of windows and can help you design the perfect curtains for your home. Curtain Flair offers a full measuring and fitting service, all you need to do is contact us.